Bike Shop Team



Liberty's Bike Shop Team is back! We would like to welcome Tyler Looper to our 2016 Bike Shop team



Liberty BMX's "officially sanctioned" Bike Shop Team took a hiatus this season, thanks to the new rules put in place by USABMX :-/
By the time we got rolling with our first big National appearance this season, it was almost impossible to gather everyone's signatures on the same form and have the roster official sanctioned by USABMX. So Liberty maintained it's own Bike Shop riders without actually entering the money chase this season.
Never fear, we will be ready for 2015

Interested in joining our Bike Shop team?

The Liberty BMX Bike Shop is for riders who attend enough Nationals as required to compete for a N.A.G. plate(3 full nationals or 6 individual National races) This level of rider also is expected to deliver a higher level of sponsor support. A Bike Shop team member is typically a higher profile rider, therefore our sponsors products need to be showcased appropriately.
Ask about our specific requirements when you apply.